MG ZR 160 VVC – Technical Datasheet

MG ZR 1.8 VVC (160ps) Complete Technical Datasheet

Notes Specified value
Vehicle identification
No. of cylinders Type 4/DOHC
Capacity (Fiscal) cc 1796
Compression ratio :1 10.5
Suitable for unleaded petrol Yes
Minimum octane rating RON 95
Ignition system Make Rover
Ignition system Type MEMS 3
Ignition system Description Map-DIS
Trigger location Cam/ Crankshaft
Fuel system Make Rover
Fuel System Type MEMS 3
Fuel System Description MFI-s
Air metering Type MAP
Combined ignition and fuel ECM Yes
Diagnostic socket Yes
Ignition system
Ignition coil Make Denso
Ignition coil supply voltage + with ballast V 12,0
Primary resistance Ohm 0,7
Secondary resistance Ohm 10000
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Distributor (ECM) Make (Motorola)
Tuning and emissions
Ignition timing – basic BTDC °Engine/rpm Not adjustable
Ignition advance checks °Engine/rpm ECM Controlled
Idle speed rpm 825±50 Not adjustable
Oil temperature for CO test °C 80
CO level at idle speed – tailpipe Vol. % CO 0,5 Max Not adjustable
HC level at idle speed ppm 100
CO2 level at idle speed Vol. % CO2 14,5-16
O2 level at idle speed Vol. % O2 0,1-0,5
Increased idle speed for CO test rpm 2500-2800
CO content at increased idle speed Vol. % 0,3
Lambda at increased idle λ 0,98-1,02
Spark plugs
Spark plugs Original equipment Unipart
Spark plug Type GSP66527
Electrode gap mm 1,0±0,05
Spark plugs Make Champion
Spark plug Type RC8PYPB4
Electrode gap mm 1,0
Spark plugs Make NGK
Spark plug Type BKR6E-11
Electrode gap mm 0,8
Fuel system
Fuel pump delivery pressure bar 4,1
Regulated pressure with vacuum bar 3,0±0,2
Injector Ohm 13-16
Service checks and adjustments
Valve clearance -INLET mm Hydraulic
Valve clearance -EXHAUST mm Hydraulic
Oil pressure bar/rpm 1,7-3,5/825
Radiator cap bar 0,9-1,2
Thermostat opens °C 80
Lubricants and capacities
Engine oil grade – cold climate SAE 5W/40
Engine oil grade – moderate climate SAE 10W/40
Engine oil grade – hot climate SAE 15W/50
Engine oil classification API/ACEA SH/A2-96
Engine oil grade – alternative – moderate climate SAE 10W/40
Engine oil classification – alternative – moderate climate API/ACEA SJ/A1-96
Engine with filter(s) litres 4,5
Manual gearbox oil grade SAE MTF 94
Manual gearbox 4/5 speed litres 2,0
Automatic transmission fluid Type Unipart CVT
Automatic transmission (drain & refill) litres 4,5
Cooling system litres 5,5
Brake fluid Type DOT 4
Brake fluid litres 1,0
Power steering fluid Type Dexron II
Power steering fluid litres 0,3
Tightening torques
Cylinder head instructions
Cylinder head
12 Maximum bolt length
Stage 1 Tighten 20 Nm
Stage 2 Tighten 180°
Stage 3 Tighten 180°
Other tightening torques
Main bearings Renew bolts/nuts No
Main bearings Stage 1 5 Nm
Main bearings Stage 2 30 Nm
Big end bearings Renew bolts/nuts No
Big end bearings Stage 1 20 Nm
Big end bearings Stage 2 45°
66 Oil pump to cylinder block 10 Nm
82 Sump bolts M8=25 Nm
Sump drain bolt 28 Nm
66 Flywheel/driveplate 80 Nm
Clutch to flywheel 26 Nm
Crankshaft pulley/damper centre bolt 205 Nm
83 Camshaft sprocket/gear M8=35 Nm
Camshaft carrier/cap 10 Nm
Camshaft/rocker cover 10 Nm
Inlet manifold to cylinder head 25 Nm
Exhaust manifold to cylinder head 45 Nm
Exhaust downpipe to manifold 45 Nm
Spark plugs 25 Nm
Fuel rail 9 Nm
Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor/engine speed (RPM) sensor 6 Nm
Camshaft position (CMP) sensor 5 Nm
Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor 15 Nm
Lambda sensor (Oxygen) 55 Nm
Engine oil pressure switch 17 Nm
66 Front hub 180 Nm
66 Rear hub 185 Nm
66 Steering track rod end 45 Nm
Brake disc to hub Front 10 Nm
Brake caliper to carrier Front 27 Nm
Brake caliper carrier to hub Front 108 Nm
Brake disc to hub Rear 10 Nm
Brake caliper to carrier Rear 27 Nm
Brake caliper carrier to hub Rear 108 Nm

Note 12

Cylinder head bolts

Retain original position, clean and lubricate threads. With cylinder head removed screw bolts in finger tight. Measure between block face and underside of bolt.

Maximum bolt length = 97 mm

Alternatively remove oil rail and screw the bolts in finger tight. If the full length of thread engages, the bolt can be reused. If not measure between top face of oil rail and underside of bolt head.

Maximum bolt length = 378 mm.

Note 66

Use new nuts and bolts.

Note 82

Sump bolts

Use new bolts.

Aluminium sump:

M8 x 25 = 25 Nm

M8 x 60 = 30 Nm

Steel sump:

M6/M8 = 20 Nm.

Note 83

Camshaft sprocket/gear

M10 = 65 Nm.

Note 60

Refrigerant quantity

RHD = 535-585 grams

LHD = 612-665 grams

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